September 11, 2023

O! Millionaire and Oasis Park’s Founder, Ralph Clemens Martin, Receives Prestigious Burj CEO Award for Sustainable Community Impact

Dubai, UAE, September 2023 – O! Millionaire and Oasis Park is thrilled to announce that its visionary founder and CEO, Ralph Clemens Martin, has been honoured with the esteemed Award for Community Outreach and Sustainable Social Impacts at the 6th edition of the prestigious Burj CEO Awards. The grand event brought together exceptional entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and business leaders across 50 categories.

Ralph Clemens Martin’s exceptional leadership has led to the remarkable transformation of arid desert lands into thriving forests, culminating in the establishment of Oasis Park. As a non-profit organization, Oasis Park is dedicated to afforestation efforts and the utilization of renewable energies to reduce carbon emissions, thereby contributing significantly to environmental sustainability.

“Leadership, to me, embodies a delicate dance of balance and respect. As CEOs, the word ‘balance’ rings true in every decision we make. We shoulder immense responsibilities, requiring us to make constant decisions to propel our companies towards success. But let’s not forget the indispensable teams around us. Within our organizations, we have experts in various fields, from legal to IT, whose unique skills complement our own. A special mention to our Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Wella, for her stellar contributions,” said Ralph Clemens Martin.

He further added, “Our company’s vision is rooted in addressing global warming through the Oasis Park Green Initiative. Planting 60 million trees in arid deserts to sequester 1.4 million tons of CO2 annually is our mission. O! Millionaire, our flagship, enables everyone to participate in a draw for substantial cash prizes, funding the Oasis Park project. In our inaugural year, we’ve seen remarkable success. I’m deeply appreciative of this award and eagerly anticipate future engagements. Thank you, all.”

Ralph Clemens Martin’s dedication to creating a sustainable future and combating global warming has been the driving force behind his tireless efforts. In a statement, he emphasized the importance of considering the planet’s well-being in business endeavours, stating, “Every business seeks to serve people. How can one serve when their home—the planet—is not suitable for their long life? How can one continue with their business if they do not have compassion for the people whom they will serve?”

Furthermore, Martin has set an ambitious goal to rally people together to plant 60 million trees by 2030, aligning perfectly with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Under his leadership, Oasis Park has garnered significant support and experienced substantial growth, particularly in India, thanks to the dedicated efforts of participants, supporters, and volunteers within the O! Millionaire initiative.

The Burj CEO Awards, often referred to as the ‘Oscars’ of the business world, were established by CEO Clubs Network Worldwide, a membership-based international organization. Over the years, the awards have recognized and celebrated more than 300 outstanding business leaders and organizations for their exceptional contributions to various fields.

Dr. Tariq A. Nizami, Founder & CEO of CEO Clubs Network Worldwide, stressed the importance of excellence, while Sarah Dong, Managing Partner, emphasized the significance of empowering others and creating opportunities, values exemplified by Ralph Clemens Martin and Oasis Park.

This year’s Burj CEO Awards event drew over 100 award nominees, VIPs, government officials, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Attendees enjoyed a unique Mediterranean cruise, a summit featuring engaging panel discussions, industry-focused sessions, powerful networking opportunities, and star-studded concerts.

Oasis Park congratulates Ralph Clemens Martin on this well-deserved recognition, and the organization remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a sustainable future for all. To learn more about Oasis Park’s mission and initiatives, please visit Oasispark website.