October 13, 2023

Marketing Professional Wella Mañabo Recognized as one of Global Woman Leader Magazine’s Top Women CMOs From Dubai for 2023 

Chief Marketing Officer for The Rockets Consulting singled out for relentless self-motivation and undivided commitment to customers.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – October 13, 2023 – Marketing professional Wella Mañabo, Chief Marketing Officer for The Rockets Consulting, a Dubai-based agency offering a full suite of services for marketing and the regulated lottery gaming industry worldwide, has been recognized as one of Global Woman Leader Magazine’s Top Women CMOs From Dubai for 2023. Mañabo has been singled out for her relentless self-motivation and undivided commitment to customers, as well as for the fashion in which she establishes enduring relationships, stimulates expansion, and ultimately sets herself apart as an adept leader in the fiercely competitive marketing sector.

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“Throughout my career, I’ve come to appreciate the significance of tenacity, empathy, and making the most of chances that come my way,” explains Mañabo. “Being a CMO demands a multifaceted skill set as well as an ability to gracefully juggle numerous roles; indeed, at the helm, I’m not merely a marketing director but a brand manager, innovation maven, storyteller, and customer service expert rolled into one.

wella manabo

Wella Mañabo | Chief Marketing Officer | The Rockets Consulting

“The spectrum of my duties spans from market research and product development to orchestrating advertising campaigns, managing public relations and, crucially, driving sales. As the CMO at The Rockets Consulting, my mission focuses on shepherding the holistic marketing landscape of our company and navigating it through diverse terrains with deft proficiency.”

According to Mañabo, The Rockets Consulting is passionate about creating the right platform for any marketing campaigns as well as draws or lottery campaigns, ensuring that its clients are speaking to their customers in the language, tone, and style that will invoke brand loyalty while upholding the values that are important to them. The organization’s experience with the intricacies of lottery and gamification businesses worldwide puts it in the unique position to create exciting, consumer-relevant strategies that reflect business objectives – ones that define a market while gaining foresight into the estimated response and return.

“Our core value system is simple and revolves around five fundamental elements,” adds Mañabo. “We always try to find a solution, be upfront and transparent, stay agile and responsive, follow the data, and provide results.”

Global Woman Leader also recognized Mañabo for her more than 15 years of invaluable experience in the sales and marketing arena, having honed her skills to become a formidable presence in the industry. Her track record is marked with a strong commitment to excellence, which has propelled her through countless business planning endeavors, the successful execution of strategies, and the composition of impactful branding and product launches. 

In this additional recognition by the magazine is a more recent project spearheaded by The Rockets Consulting, in which Mañabo was heavily involved in the O! Millionaire project, responsible for implementing successful draw operations, product innovation and game design, marketing strategies, prize insurance and risk management policies, game software/payment system solutions and live show production/studio setup efforts. The O! Millionaire initiative and its respective lottery draw were conceived to help reduce carbon emissions to create a more sustainable home for Earth’s people, with efforts aligned with the UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals.


Through state-of-the-art Oasis Parks planned for every barren land, O! Millionaire strives to bring humanity toward one goal of sustainability and a greener planet while rewarding conscious prosocial choices.   

Manabo’s journey, which she sees as a testament to resilience, began at 16 when she left her home in the Philippines and, through unwavering determination, balanced work and studies to complete high school and graduate from college. Fueled by day jobs and scholarships for her role as a college newspaper editor, she ventured abroad to Sudan where she became the Executive Assistant to Dr. Abu Mustafa, who would go on to become Mañabo’s mentor and father figure. 

Boasting a BSc in Tourism from Southwestern University in Cebu City, Mañabo’s diverse career has taken her from Future University Sudan and Advansoft to the Dofreeze corporation and now The Rockets Consulting, garnering a wealth of experience and expertise in the world of marketing along the way.

“My success mantra is rooted in the belief that the best is always yet to come,” concludes Mañabo. “Every day presents fresh opportunities to learn and grow, and my journey, as an Asian woman succeeding in the highly-competitive environment of the Middle East where numerous nationalities and languages converge – and where most positions are held by men – underscores the significance of resolute self-assurance, capability and unwavering dedication. 

“Today, standing as a leader, I cherish this achievement as my biggest win; it demonstrates the conviction that success can reach limitless heights when propelled by commitment and self-belief.” 
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